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Red Hat Training and Certification COVID-19 Response

Red Hat Training and Certification COVID-19 Response

In response to current events, Red Hat Global Training + Certification has been evolving the way we work with customers and partners as well as the way we deliver our expertise. Due to COVID-19, many of our customers and partners are now subject to travel restrictions, quarantines and similar measures. Others may not be subject to such measures but are understandably reluctant to go to training and testing locations in the near future. Here are the ways in which we are working actively to meet the needs of the current situation. Expanded virtual training class offerings In light of social distancing mandates, we have expanded and scaled up our ability to deliver live virtual training classes as a replacement for in-person training events. This expansion includes the addition of courses to our virtual training catalog. Red Hat virtual training is real-time training conducted by live Red Hat-certified instructors in an interactive, virtual environment, giving you the same industry-respected content and hands-on labs as the corresponding classroom-based courses, including virtual lab machines that run actual products.   Cancellation flexibility The health and safety of our customers, partners, and fellow Red Hatters is a focal priority. Due to social distancing mandates, we are giving our students, customers and partners full flexibility to cancel and reschedule any previously scheduled classes or exams.   Extending Training Unit lifespan The lifespan of a Red Hat Training Unit is typically 12 months. Due to restrictions of testing and training locations, any Training Unit accounts purchased between now and June 30, 2020, will have a 15 month validity.   Extended exam window Red Hat Certified Professionals (RHCPs) are invaluable ambassadors for Red Hat and open source, and are critical assets to the organizations that employ them. Their health and well-being are very important to us. COVID-19 has caused the closure of many of our testing locations worldwide. Due to changes in the availability of testing locations, we are extending the period during which students can take certification exams by three months.   Postponed certification expiration We are extending all certifications set to expire between March 17, 2020, and September 30, 2020, to October 1, 2020. Affected RHCPs have been notified. Some questions have arisen about the approach we are taking. Why not extend all certifications? Why extend certifications expiring in September by just weeks or days? In the spirit of open source and the open organization, we want to be transparent and share our answers. First, the approach we are taking is the one we could put into effect most quickly from a technical perspective and set the minds of RHCPs at ease soonest. Second, the approach is fair and proportional. We do not know what the situation will be in six months. Our response weights the known present more heavily than the unknown future. We will plan to revisit the extension date if that becomes necessary.   Discounts on digital learning We have put certain discounts and promotions in place around our digital learning offerings in order to make them more accessible. These discounts vary by geography. Students can check with their local Red Hat Training + Certification teams to determine what promotions may be available.   Looking to the future We’re optimists, and hope for a better situation in the near future. We are also realists, and thus are working actively to develop new ways to meet the needs of the current situation. We wish health and safety to everyone, their loved ones, their colleagues and their communities.
Vice President of Global Learning Services (Red Hat Training + Certification), Red Hat, Inc.

100% Pass in the First Attempt for CL310 & CL220

100% Pass in the First Attempt for CL310 & CL220

Learning, Certification and Recognition Packaged at #Sappio!

100% #Pass in the First Attempt at #RHCE in Red Hat #OpenStack (#EX310) examination. 100% #Pass in the First Attempt at Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Management (#EX220) certificate) examination.
Red Hat Certified Training Partner with All Instructors as Red Hat Certified Architects (#RHCA). Red Hat Certified Training Partner with Instructors having possession of RHCA in #Cloud and RHCA in #Datacenter certifications. red-hat-certified-architects-cloud-open-stack #RedHat #LinuxTraining #CL210 #CL310 #EX210 #EX310 #RHCE #RHCA #Openstack #DevOps

CloudForms Hybrid Cloud Management CL220 Training

CloudForms Hybrid Cloud Management CL220 Training 

Sappio  proudly announces 100% Success on examinations for their first #CL220 (#RedHat #Cloud Forms) training delivery. We are extremely happy for all the participants for achieving this feat. #Congratulations. Holders of the Certificate of Expertise in Hybrid Cloud Management are able to perform the deployment of  Red Hat CloudForms, Configure Red Hat CloudForms to connect to one or more virtualization providers, Use Red Hat CloudForms to perform management tasks for virtual systems Thanks to Mr. Shamnad Nisar from #RedHat India who delivered the training at Sappio. Thanks also to Mr. Arun Eapen for all the continued support. cl220-red-hat-hybrid-cloud-management-training-kochi      

Welcome Mr Mokhtar Attiya

Welcome Mr Mokhtar Attiya

Today, August 6 2016 - Sappio opens up a new chapter commencing Services for International customers. We are excited in proudly welcoming Mr. Mokhtar Attiya from the Arab Republic of Egypt. He has joined us to pursue the Red Hat Certified Architect Cloud certification. Mokhtar, A glad welcome and best wishes. On this occasion we choose to thank Mr. Arun Eapen and all our associations at Red Hat India in motivating us throughout our journey so far and helping us to focus towards success in each step we take. Thank you All. mokhtar-attiya-from-arab-republic-of-egypt

Congrats for Achieving CL310

Congrats for Achieving CL310 Certification

The news of your achievement has come as a great delight to all of us here. Congrats Joseph Biju & Hari Krishnan for Achieving CL310. All your hard work, commitment, and practice have paid off. joseph-biju-and-hari-krishnan-cl310-result #RedHat #LinuxTraining #CL210 #CL310 #EX210#EX310 #RHCE #RHCA #Openstack

RHCA: RHCA + Renewals (Part Two)

RHCA: RHCA + Renewals (Part Two)

IT industry is one that continues to grow and evolve as new innovations are developed. The pinnacle of expertise, The Red Hat® Certified Architect program is continuously improving to accommodate these demands to make sure that our certified professionals exceed the standards of today’s market. This article is the second part of a two part series around Red Hat Certified Architects Part One: RHCA: What does it mean to be a RHCA? Part Two: RHCA: RHCA + Renewals 

A Short History of RHCA

Two years ago in 2014, we made some changes to the program in order to accommodate the numerous additions to our product and certification portfolios. We moved from a prescriptive approach — earn these specific credentials to earn RHCA — to a more flexible one in which individuals could choose the specializations that could provide the most benefit to their organizations and their own careers. Additionally, we introduced RHCA Level II, which we discussed in the first post of this series. Last year in 2015, we expanded the reach of RHCA further to include enterprise application developers skilled in the technologies of our expanding middleware portfolio. We made some other changes as well, including our renewal policies, which will be covered in fourth and final post of this series. This year, we introduced a new concentration: DevOps. To earn this concentration, you must have skills in container and configuration management and automation, covering OpenShift by Red Hat, Ansible, and Puppet.

Overview of certification renewals

All Red Hat certifications are considered current for three years from the date they are earned. Earning certifications beyond Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA), Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE®), and Red Hat Certified JBoss Developer (RHCJD) extends the period those certifications are considered current.

Changes to RHCA renewals

When we made changes to the RHCA program in 2015, we altered what it takes to renew a RHCA certification. Now, we require an RHCA to maintain at least five current credentials beyond RHCE or RHCJD, and they do not need to be the same credentials you used when you first earned RHCA. As this was a major change in the certification program, we extended the period for which all certifications earned prior to October 1, 2014 would be considered current. We made them current until October 1, 2017 — even if they had been earned in 2005.

What that means

To maintain the RHCA status, you must have at least five eligible credentials beyond RHCE or RHCJD that are current. If you have earned more than five eligible credentials beyond RHCE or RHCJD, you are considered a higher-level RHCA. For example, someone who has earned six beyond RHCE or RHCJD is an RHCA Level II. To remain an RHCA, you do not need to renew your RHCE or RHCJD certifications. In fact, the period for which these are considered current gets extended with each additional eligible credential you earn.

Example Scenario

Perhaps you are an RHCA Level II and the oldest of the six credentials you had earned past RHCE or RHCJD becomes non-current. You would then be an RHCA Level I. If another credential became non-current, you would not longer have RHCA status. You do not need to start completely over to regain your RHCA status, however. Earning a new eligible credential or renewing one that became non-current in our example would restore your RHCA status until the next oldest credential was up for renewal. I hope I have shed some light on the renewal policies for RHCA and what you need to do to maintain RHCA status. Earning RHCA is a steep hill to climb. Keeping an RHCA means continuing to climb and committing to the climb in a world that can sometimes seem like a race to the bottom. Becoming an RHCA is a significant investment of time and effort, as is maintaining one’s RHCA. If you are pursuing a RHCA certification, Red Hat Learning Subscription is a convenient, cost-effective way to get the training you need. If you have already earned RHCA, you are eligible for a 50 percent discount. _____

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#SanjuRaj an adept #innovator who has taken #Sappio ahead with his #commitment,deeply held values and years of #practise and #perfection. sanju-raj-rhca-1 Having cleared the rigorous and hands-on #RHCA #Level IX,#SanjuRaj has now propelled himself in his potential rich field and added a fine feather on his #success cap. #Learn from his #expertise Nurture your #opensource talent #Boost your skills Keep pace with the #ubiquitous and evolving #technology   sanju-raj-rhca-2
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Red Hat Certification Result Mar 2016

Red Hat Certification Result Mar 2016

Congrats for Achieving  Red Hat Certified Architect - RHCA

Exams are not just a test of brilliance, but the perseverance to be brilliant constantly. Congratulations. Congrats Kiran KH for Achieving your Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA) Certification. rhca-kiran

Red Hat Certification Result Feb 2016

Red Hat Certification Result Feb 2016

"Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best." Congratulations to James Johnson and Gaurav Kumar Gupta for the achievement. rhca-kochi-india-james-gaurav