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Here I present my testimony about Sappio during my Red Hat OpenStack Cloud certification
“I have been a Linux enthusiast since 6 years. I always liked to learn new things happening in the Linux World. Sappio Consultancy Services played a crucial role in building up my career in Linux OpenStack Platform.
As you know, today you can find a lot of Institutions proving training on various platforms, most of them money oriented. But Sappio is an exception. They are really honest is building up a good career for an individual and they will also make sincere efforts to help you in job hunts once you pass the certifications exams.
In Sappio, they have an excellet lab facility , a very friendly and honest Office Staff and most of all , well experienced trainers. Sanju Sir who is heading the training division in Sappio had been a great mentor to me and I am sure, to all his students. Under his guidance, Sappio will attain great heights.
My friends Vineeth, Aneesh, Shabeer and a few more(sorry I forgot the names) had been a great help to me whenever I needed something. In Sappio , you will find an environment that brings your inner abilities towards learning and exploring new technologies.
If Ever, Time allows , ever I think of doing any certifications in Linux, Sappio would be my first priority because the Staff is very welcoming and they assure you that you are well equipped for what you wish for.
I wish all the best to the Staff and I would strongly recommend Sappio Consultancy Services to anyone who wish to pursue a career in Linux / Networking as their apt place for learning”

Jacob AntonyOperations Engineer - IBM

I came to know about Sappio from my old friend. I joined for OpenStack Cloud (CL210) also wrote the exam and i passed. I got Mr. Sanju Raj as my instructor at Sappio, from the very first day i was totally impressed.

Sanju Sir is an experienced instructor who cleared all my doubts, also explained how things works in LIVE environment. Our class finishes at 5:30pm daily but we sat late nights to practice, and all this time Sanju Sir was there for clearing our ndoubts and for assisting us in the lab. And my overall experience at Sappio was great. All the members at

All the members at Sappio are very helpful and i really liked the atmosphere at there. I will definitely come here to do Higher modules. I will refer my friends also to do

I will refer my friends also to do RedHat courses in Sappio.

Thanks Sanju Sir for this wonderful class and thanks the Team Sappio.

Tibin V TinoNetwork Security Engineer - Maclink Infosolutions

I have known Sanju For almost 2 years.
Knowing Sanju Raj has been quite helpful in me able to complete some of the most difficult advanced Redhat Certification such as rh442 (System Tuning and Performance Monitoring), rh413(Data Server Hardening), rh436 (Cluster and Storage Mgmt ) at ease.
Sanju Raj has been very detailed in providing support over and beyond Training such as reviewing my Notes, Whenever I had particular Issues. The Most amazing thing about Sanju Raj is his excellent Professionalism coupled with his enthusiasm to always eager to help despite his personal priorities and commitment. I would strongly recommend Sanju Raj and Sappio for anyone trying to pursue any Redhat or Cisco Certification.
Wishing Sanju Raj and Sappio all the best in their endeavours ahead.

Gaurav Kumar GuptaSenior Solution Architect - HCL Technologies Ltd

I am so grateful I got to meet Sanju sir and Vineeth sir. I have completed CCNA,RHCE and OpenStack Cloud courses from them. Their tremendous support even after completing the courses is highly appreciable.

Sanju Sir is good in controlling the class and being able to communicate well with the students. He can answer our questions and even if we don’t get it in the first round, he will still explain patiently. There are many teachers out there who focus on only the good students, but he focus on all equally.

Vineeth Sir was very patient and understanding towards us. When we were having any discussion with him, he would patiently listen to us first before commenting anything. And he always made us explore deep into the subject. And he always encouraged us to try harder and we learned a lot from that. He made the classes enjoyable for us.

I found that the various RHCE training institutes in Cochin were extremely exam-focused and taught you basic exam techniques. But with Sappio, you will get an opportunity to learn what you want. All staffs are very friendly and help in all the way they can sincerely. With their help, I got placed in a company very shortly after completing the course. I thank you for their continued support both in my technical life and personal life.

I would recommend Sappio because this would be the best place to mold your professional life.

John MathewLinux Server Engineer - Sparksupport Infotech Pvt Ltd

It was indeed a high time for me once I became conscious about switching my profession from my then current non-technical job to a technical one. Of course my previous job had a very slow rate of growth,both financially as well as technically. A change was inevitable.

That’s when I came to know about the endless possibilities and a wide spectrum of careers in the Linux system administration field and Red Hat certification being the key to this arena. It didn’t take much time for me to be informed about Sappio Consultancy Services once I started looking for a Red Hat training partner to pursue my RedHat Linux training and get certified, because, one way or the other,almost all the Linux system administrators I met were the students of at least one among the Sanjuraj- Shabeer-Vineeth trio, the smartest, resourceful teachers I’ve ever had in my life. Trust me, these people will amaze you with their in-depth knowledge in Linux. Getting trained by them was an awesome experience,very much knowledgeable and it does add up to your confidence. It was a cake walk for me to clear the RHCSA as well as RHCE exam and get placed in one of Kochi’s top Linux system administration companies, all the credits goes to Sappio. All these happened in a matter of weeks.

Let it be any non-technical educational background you are having, nothing can stop you from becoming a Linux expert, once you are in the safe hands of the Sappio trainer trio.

Mr.Aneesh, the client relations manager at Sappio who manages the job placement coordination is the person to be given a special appreciation and I owe him much for the valuable job referrals he had initiated.

So here is it, if you want to get trained in Linux, probably Sappio is where you should be heading to because of their unmatched talent and the peaceful learning environment.

Ashwin A.MLinux Administrator - BrookWin Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd / Admin-Ahead, Infopark, kochi

Red Hat Linux was just an added advantage when compared to the un-ending good and quality stuff that ‪#‎Sappio‬ gave us. Shabeer and Vineeth were not only the best Instructors I’ve get to know but they were the only reason for me being this comfortable at my work desk today. It’s just ‘coz of their knowledge and that they didn’t just taught us to be good at our work, but they taught us to be humans with quality. I’m stating my gratefulness and how thankful I am to Shabeer and Vineeth and #sappio for being the fuel for my urge towards being a successful person and being the wind for my infantile wings of hope.

Placed at: Hashroot Technologies, Infopark.

Designation: Linux server administrator.

Mervin O JosephLinux Server Administrator - hashroot technologies pvt. ltd, Infopark, Kochi

Sanju Raj is one of the best technical person I have come across, till now, in the redhat training field. He is very approachable, friendly and can always be counted upon if you require any technical support.
Wishing him the best in future endeavours.

Dilip KurumanghatTechnical Specialist - Infrastructure - SecureTech LLC

One of the best Linux Instructors which I have seen in Kerala. A perfect environment to learn, to enrich your knowledge, to get certified…
In my view, Sappio is a perfect “Linux Gurukula” :).

Nithin ChandranSystem Administrator - VIPoint Solutions Private Limited, Infopark, Kochi

Myself sherin . I had a great time/experience while learning ccna, Vineeth was my ccna instructor. To be honest , I started going for the class just to get a certification which would help me in cracking interviews as most of the companies prefer people holding certifications. I could see a great change in myself after the 3 months course .”A best teacher make you fall in love with the subject” – this is what happened in my case.I realised that I have got passion in something.Vineeth Sir , you were amazing for you had ignited the passion in me. You helped me in realising it. The way he relates the theories with the real time scenario were really helpful in understanding things .Your teaching expertise , personal attention given to each n every one is really appreciable. The interest I gained for networking through your classes paved way to CCNP too.

Keep going vineeth sir. You are doing a wonderful job.

Best wishes for SAPPIO!!

Sherin PanickalethSystems Engineer - Tata Consultancy Services