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The best way to manage your Red Hat infrastructure

Red Hat® Satellite is an infrastructure management product specifically designed to keep Red Hat Enterprise Linux® environments and other Red Hat infrastructure running efficiently, with security, and compliant with various standards.


What Is Satellite?

Red Hat Satellite is a systems management solution that makes Red Hat infrastructure simple to deploy, scale, and manage across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Satellite enables users to control the full lifecycle of Red Hat systems and ensure that they are running efficiently, securely, and compliant with various standards. By automating most tasks related to maintaining systems, Satellite helps organizations increase efficiency, reduce operational costs, and enable IT to better respond to strategic business needs.

Satellite is composed of a centralized Satellite Server. Depending on your data center setup, organization design, and geographic locations, you can have local Capsule Servers, which are proxies that locally manage content and obtain subscription, registration, and content from the central Satellite Server.

Features and benefits

Simplify infrastructure management
Red Hat Satellite can manage your entire infrastructure—not just Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems—from a single console.
Implement your standard operating environment
Improve system consistency, reduce errors, and meet compliance standards.
Scale your environment
Meet the demand for managing thousands of distributed systems across multiple datacenters.
  • Content repository any type of content made available to any host
  • Curation of content prior to distribution
  • Distribution of content as close as possible to the end point
  • Report on hosts that need updates, fixes, or enhancements
  • Group homogeneous systems so that you can easily work with them
  • Respond quickly to patching requirements using scalable automation
  • Provision to bare metal, virtual, private, and public clouds
  • Discover non-provisioned hosts
  • Automate using Ansible roles to perform post-provisioning steps
  • Centrally manage subscription usage
  • Maintain accurate inventory and utilization information
  • Report on subscription consumption

Provisioning using Red Hat Satellite (and demonstration)

Training & Certification