The opening of calls is made by an incident management system in the cloud that powers our services and allows its monitoring. Incidents are handled by our certified professionals to quickly restore the environment of operation. And we have a team that resides in your business premises to operate locally and manage their IT.

We make the best market practices in the areas of support Linux servers. We standardize applications, processes and services to maximize the safety and availability of the server and its services.

  • Security solutions and high availability
  • Productive solutions open source
  • Communication and messaging solutions
  • High performance and distributed computing
  • Resource Management
  • Linux Network Administration

Support @ Sappio:

Sappio Support provides platform support under GNU / Linux servers. Our professionals have extensive experience and accreditation to provide first class service infrastructure to support GNU / Linux. We have a system to track events that occur via web so that our customers can see the states of their requirements.


  • Reduces costs by maintaining specialized personnel.
  • Prevents against future incidents.
  • Telephone assistance, remote and Web channels.
  • Event tracking through the sitecom
  • On-site technical assistance at the national level.
  • Speed requirements requested solutions.
  • Custom reports and statistics on activities carried.
  • Team of engineers and technicians.


Support Specialist

We constantly trained technicians and engineers to deliver quality IT support 10 years of experience make us a company with experience, expertise and professionalism which allows us to deliver personalized service to our clients:

Within the service are the following:

  • Specialists Networks / Cisco / Firewall
  • Specialists Programming PHP / HTML 5
  • Operating Systems Specialists
  • Specialists Hardware / Software
  • Computer Security Specialists


  • Tuning of mail servers, fileservers, web servers and networking. Monitoring solutions for preventive maintenance.


  • Interconnection of various platforms such as Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Android and IOS with Linux systems.


  • We also offer technical support for servers and workstations Windows, Mac and mobile devices.

CLOUD Computing:

The Cloud offers processing capabilities, storage and applications to meet your specific business needs. It is the modernization of the IT service provided from a centralized infrastructure.

In Public Cloud, this service is provided from a data center outside of your company and to multiple clients simultaneously. In this Private Cloud service is provided from a data center made especially for your company. For hybrid Cloud consider getting control of their IT resources regardless of where you are.


At Sappio, we are all about keeping you up and running, resolving problems quickly, providing personal attention and providing you with reliable IT support when you need it most.